Fotoworks XL – The easy photo editing software

Fotoworks XL – The easy photo editing software
With photo editing software, the main criteria are ease of use and the range of functions. But also the clarity and the price play an important role for the user. Nobody would like to buy a complicated software expensively and then laboriously torment himself through the functions that often can only be accomplished with a comprehensive manual and countless videos.
This is where the photo editing software Fotoworks XL comes in, as this software mainly convinces by the clear user interface, catchy functions and the low price.
Of course, numerous functions as well as effects should not be missing in order to achieve optimal results. Especially basic functions such as resizing or cropping are essential in image editing and should be logical and easy to use.

Fotoworks XL offers the user a photo editing software that is so intuitive in use that even beginners in image editing can quickly achieve great results.
With just a few clicks you can easily add cliparts to the image, or even add text to the image. Especially the small photo errors can be easily and quickly corrected with the different functions as for example color correction or automatic enhance with the easy photo editing software. If the processor has several photos with these errors, the batch processing can be useful, as the same errors are corrected in the same way in all images.
The popular calendar printing or collage creation is also very easy for the user. Beside these standard functions, the photo editing software Fotoworks XL also has a whole range of special effects, which is also well explained and brings the beginner closer to image editing.
Thus, in the photo editing software, further great effects can be achieved with the expert functions, which make the image processed in high quality to a showpiece of image editing.

For example, the user can easily retouch areas in the image, remove objects or copy objects from A to B using the copy stamp. But also with the copy-paste-professional method the image editor achieves unique photographs, because with this method objects can easily be cut out and pasted on any background.
You can also manage the cut objects and save them for later use.
Radial expansion, which creates the optimal fisheye effect with simple sliders, is also very popular. Matching to this, the function Radial/Focused Effects allows targeted blurring of the image. This allows you to set great highlights in photography that will convince everyone. Equally in demand is the Color-Splash function, which converts a colored image into black and white with just a few clicks and sets colored accents. Also the automatic straightening for example scanned photos should not be missing in good photo editing software.

easy photo editing software Picture about easy photo editing software

Many hobby photographers know the problem with the red eyes in a portrait picture. This is disturbing and also really unattractive. But even this problem can be easily solved with the photo editing software Fotoworks XL.
All in all, the photo editing software has countless functions and is almost self-explanatory in use. With Fotoworks XL, even the most novice photo editor can quickly add amazing effects to your photos, making every image look professionally edited.
In the photo editing software Fotoworks XL there is an online manual available, which explains all basic functions very well and also contains one or two tips. Tutorial videos are also available, which clearly explain more specific functions to help the image editor achieve the desired results even faster.

But also for specific questions, a support team is available to the user around the clock, which handles all inquiries quickly and in the best possible way.
The photo editing software Fotoworks XL is regularly maintained and all updates are free of charge for the user.

Fotoworks XL proves that a photo editing software does not have to be expensive, but still offers many functions and effects. Especially for beginners, it is therefore worthwhile to take a look at this software, which has a clear layout and logical structure.